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Different Types of Water Damages in the Home or Office


Water damage in Indianapolis isn't as simple as people think it is. It goes further than that. The source of water damage can vary; it can be from leakage in the water system or a natural disaster. Everything and anything associated with water can cause major damage to your house.

While many people assume there is only one type of water damage, experts know better. Water damage can be from three different types of water. All three types of water damages can harm your house's infrastructure and cause diseases as well.

Type of Water Damages

Water damage is dangerous for your house and the people who live in it. The most threatening type of water usually comes from sewage backups or floods. This type of water can cause many health-related problems and rot your wooden interiors. However, you can easily distinguish between the different forms of water and each form should be handled differently.

1. Category 1 (Clean Water)

Clean water is also known as category one water, and it's not as dangerous as others. Clean water damage can quickly be fixed and it has fewer microbial bacteria that can cause health-related issues. This form of water damage usually comes from supply lines or rainwater. This kind of water might not cause an immediate threat to your house or your health. However, if it's not dealt with in a timely manner it can become category 2 or 3 over time.

2. Category 2 (Gray Water)

Gray water is more dangerous than clean water, and it can occur if clean water is left dormant for more than 24 hours. The microbial levels in gray water are significantly higher than in clean water. Gray water damage is usually caused by the overflow of toilets without fecal matter in it. No matter which category, reaching out to professional restoration companies for help can quickly fix these problems.

3. Category 3 (Black Water)

Black water is the most dangerous form of water, and you should strictly avoid coming in contact with it. Black water damage usually occurs after a sewage backup, tornado, or flood. This form of water damage can destroy your house in a matter of hours and cause the people inside to catch some serious illness. If you encounter black water in your house, you should reach out for professional help as quickly as possible.

Concluding Thoughts

Water damage of any sort is harmful to the infrastructure of your house. It can cause your furniture to decay. If the water damage is above category one, you should take necessary precautions. Reaching out to EcoBak Restoration is the ideal approach for any sort of water damage. EcoBak is a professional restoration and cleaning business with EPA-registered products and IICRC Certifications. So you can rest assured that your house is in safe hands.


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