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Mold Remediation

Mold is everywhere. It is outside, inside, and in the air we breathe everyday. It can be seen when it starts growing on surfaces, but is invisible and potentially harmful when in the air. We offer air quality testing and direct surface testing combined with our mold remediation services to ensure a safe and healthy home.

Call Now For a FREE Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, or Mold Remediation!

Our mold remediation services follows IICRC guidelines with proper containment, PPE, and procedures used every project to ensure a safe and healthy remediation. All products used are EPA-Registered and environmentally friendly. We provide a best price guarantee for all of our work and a transferable lifetime warranty on select mold remediation services. 

Mold Inspections

Free Mold Inspections Indianapolis

We provide FREE visual mold inspections on residential homes. We use the latest up-to-date inspection tools to ensure we don't miss any issues with your home. Our FREE mold inspections include the following:

  • A full home inspection of all levels, crawlspace, basement, attic, HVAC, etc. 

  • A detailed written report with photo documentation of the affected. 

  • Use of necessary inspection tools to further determine remediation needs.

  • If any mold is found, a quote is emailed within 24 hours with pricing and descriptions.  

  • Any additional mold testing that is needed. 

Mold Testing

EcoBak is committed to providing affordable mold testing for the health and safety of our community. There is no need to break the bank to determine whether your home is safe to live in. We provide air quality testing and direct sample testing for the Greater Indianapolis Area​.

  • Air sample testing results will give you a detailed mold report on the quantity, type, and health effects of the mold found in the air of your home.

  • Direct sample testing is a mold sample taken directly from a surface in your home.

Determining the type of mold through these two mold testing procedures can be very important in finding the solution to the issue. Different mold types grow in certain conditions, knowing which mold you are dealing with can help ensure this doesn't happen again. 

Best Mold Testing Company Indianapolis
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