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How to Deal With Sewage Backups


Sewer clogs and flooding are the main causes of sewage backups in Indianapolis. Sewage backups are the most troublesome issue that occurs in residential areas. They might not seem as dangerous as tornadoes or hurricanes, but they can have severe health-related issues. If you have a sewage backup problem in your house, you should immediately evacuate the affected area and call for professional help.

Sewage backup comes with tremendous property loss. If it stays for too long, it can even cause infrastructure damage to your house. The best thing that you can do is alert your insurance immediately of the situation and reach out to a professional water restoration company in Indianapolis.

How to Deal With Sewage Backup

Sewage backups come with considerable financial and health damages. In case of a sewage backup, your first action should be an immediate evacuation of the affected area. Staying in an area affected by sewage backup can cause a variety of undesirable symptoms due to the airborne contaminants and odor. If the water is high enough it can cause infection and skin problems as well.

1. Wear Protective Gear

Many people try to take things into their own hands by trying to fix their sewer backup problems. Some people are successful in fixing their sewerage lines but at the cost of catching an illness and an expensive hospital bill. You should not try to temper with your sewage line yourself unless you have the right protective equipment to keep the sewer water away from your skin.

2. Turn off Electricity

Although sewer water is contaminated, it can still conduct electricity. If your house is flooded with sewer water, you should immediately turn off the electricity. This can prevent electrocution and keep your family safe. If the sewer lines in your walls are leaking, then you should immediately cut your household electric supply. Since the water is leaking from your walls, it can harm your house's electric supply, and your walls might be conducting electricity underneath.

3. Dispose of Everything

A sewage backup is considered category 3 water. This means that the water is extremely contaminated and anything non-structural that it touches should be removed. If sewer water gets high enough it can be a complete gut of a home, so it is essential to stop the water as soon as possible and close off the affected area from the rest of the home. Most sewage jobs should be left to the professionals, in that case, you should immediately contact professional water extraction companies in Indianapolis to do the dirty work for you.

If Things Get Out Of Hand Get Professional Help

If you have tried everything to fix damage after sewage backup, it's time to leave things in professional care. Trusting EcoBak Restoration with water damage problems is the best thing to do because we have an ample amount of experience in sewage remedies and dealing with water damages. We use EPA-registered products and are IICRC Certified; hence, your home will be in trusted hands.


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