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Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Home - A Fight Against Covid-19


Apart from social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting are also important in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. However, cleaning and disinfecting our hands is not the only way to go. EPA has released a list of products that are expected to kill the coronavirus on surfaces in your home.

Most of these products are used by professional mold cleaning businesses in Indianapolis to kill mold infestations as well. But what does mold infestation have to do with the coronavirus?

Mold Infestation and Coronavirus

Many of the chemicals used during mold remediation kill not only bacteria and fungi/mold but viruses as well. This is why EcoBak uses EPA-registered products for all mold removal projects. Although mold in your home or office will not increase the spread of coronavirus, it can cause serious health effects that the coronavirus will take advantage of.

1. Affects the Respiratory System

Mold can not only damage your house but your health as well. Many diseases are spread through mold infestation. Mold's serious health effects have just recently been brought to light by scientists and health professionals. The majority of symptoms are related to the respiratory system. These respiratory problems are mostly associated with asthma, coughing, chest tightness, etc. These may not seem serious but mold can cause serious health issues over time.

If your family is facing breathing problems but keep testing negative for coronavirus, get a mold inspection to see if that is the cause. The longer you wait, the more damage mold can cause to the lungs. Since coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, people exposed to mold are at increased odds to have complications.

2. Weakens the Immune System

Mold and mildew exposure can affect the white blood cell count in our bodies. The harmful particles in mold cause the decrease in white blood cell count which leaves are body more vulnerable to disease. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, living in a mold-infested house can be extremely detrimental to your health.

If your family has tested positive for COVID-19, it's best to keep them isolated in a mold-free room. If they're isolating themselves due to COVID-19 while constantly being exposed to mold, there can be serious health consequences. Everyone is staying inside more than ever before, so it is important to have a healthy living environment.

How Professional Mold Cleaning Services Can Help You

EcoBak restoration is the best professional mold cleaning service in Indianapolis. They have EPA-registered products that not only kill mold and mildew but also remove coronavirus from surfaces in your home. To support your loved one's recovery and prevent any further damage from the coronavirus, reach out to EcoBak for their mold removal services in Indianapolis.


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