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4 Dangers of Black Water


Black water, or Category 3 Water is the most dangerous type of water to invade your house. Aside from its disgusting odor and bad color, it contains millions of viruses and bacteria that can be harmful to the human body. Sometimes, black water contains chemicals and other harmful elements that can cause severe infection and other skin related problems.

If you ever encounter black water in your home, you should immediately contact professional water restoration companies in Indianapolis. This type of water can quickly corrode your furniture and appliances. So, it’s best to act swiftly when facing black water problems in Indianapolis.

Four Dangers of Black Water

Black water contains water-based pathogens that can quickly bind with your skin cell and cause mild irritation. If you have been exposed to this harmful liquid for longer periods, you might face severe damages to your body. Aside from its health risks, black water is also responsible for major infrastructural damages to your beautiful home. Here we have listed down four dangers of black water encounters to help you prepare for the worst.

1. Growth of Dangerous Mold

When left dormant for more than 48 hours, dangerous forms of fungi can begin to grow throughout the home. Black water can cultivate all different types of mold including extremely respirable and harmful species like Aspergillus and Penicillium. Within 7-12 days you will start to see the growth of even more dangerous molds like Stachybotrys, or black mold. Damages will become more extensive the longer it takes to be remediated, so act quick!

2. Biohazard Exposure

Black water may come from toilets that carry human feces, which can cause serious illness and sometimes even death. Removing the water in the area does not remove the harmful pathogens and microorganisms. To rid your house of bacteria and viruses after black water exposure, you need help from professional water restoration companies in Indianapolis.

3. Toxic Algal Blooms

Toxic algal blooms are different from the mold and mildew mentioned above. These are phytoplankton that grows rapidly and can cause severe illness if you come in contact with them. Even the air you breathe near toxic Algal bloom is more dangerous than the smoke from your chimney. Luckily, algal blooms react with fertilizers, so your indoor environment is safe; however, if black water escapes to your backyard, you can say goodbye to your plants and flowers.

4. Cause Damage to Your Respiratory System

The odor surrounding black water is no ordinary smell. The water is contaminated with black water viruses, and they can enter your body through ingestion or other means if you accidentally touch something that was affected. When these viruses penetrate the defense mechanism of your body, they quickly attack the respiratory system. This damage is so dangerous that it can result in breathing problems and sometimes even death. So make sure to be extremely careful around this highly contaminated water.

Take Professional Help to Remove Black Water

Many people believe that water restoration services in Indianapolis are expensive, and they take matters into their own hands. While some people do succeed in removing black water, its harmful bacteria still will remain on the floor. Reaching out to EcoBak for water restoration services can be cost-effective and save you from going to the hospital in this type of scenario. EcoBak Restoration is IICRC Certified and uses all EPA registered products.


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